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CCTV can also be useful in home security to monitor and protect the drive and gardens. CCTV footage can be invaluable in the identification and prosecution of the perpetrators of crimes.

The main features of any CCTV are surveillance, recording and playback. CCTV surveillance enables the viewing of footages from CCTV cameras via one or more CCTV monitors. CCTV recording is the process of storing footages from CCTV cameras on a VCR, Digital Video Recorder, PC or other storage media for instant or future playback and or back up.

Note that some CCTV cameras are ineffective in the dark, and as such you should consider day/night cameras which allow your CCTV system to be effective in the lowest of light conditions. Day/Night security cameras automatically change from colour during the day mode to clear black and white during night mode.

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